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3 in 4 Need More

    3in4 Need More logo Newman Long Term Care is proud to participate in the 3in4 Need More campaign. This awareness campaign stresses the importance of obtaining long term care for consumers, current and prospective producers, agencies and carriers. Deb Newman serves on the association's advisory board. "I am excited to be teaming with some of the industry's most forward-thinking long term care planners on this project. Financial professionals are still not having long term care discussions with their clients. A recent study shows that only 9% of all long term care insurance policyholders bought as a result of their trusted advisor bringing up the topic. That means the majority of consumers are not even being made aware of the options available to them. This campaign seeks to remedy that."

    A recent poll found that seventy-four percent of consumers aged 55-65 are concerned about needing long term care, and seventy-seven percent of Americans between the ages of 30 and 65 said they need more information regarding long term care. Hence the campaign name, 3in4 Need More.

    This campaign seeks to raise awareness of long term care needs, and is targeted towards consumers, those in the health insurance industry and the government. Many of the nation's professionals in the long term care industry are already directly involved in 3in4 Need More, but getting more agents and carriers to participate would be a great asset to the campaign. Along with gaining support from those in the long term care industry, 3in4 Need More also seeks to raise support for congressional efforts to make long term care more affordable for the Americans who need it most.

    Long term care insurance is especially important in today's world, because millions of Baby Boomers are retiring and will require long term care in the near future. Since only a small percentage of those over 65 who need long term care are receiving it, Newman Long Term Care hopes that the 3in4 Need More campaign will ultimately make long term care insurance more easily attainable for those who need it or will need it in the future.

    3in4 Need More bus tour
    The Newman Long Term Care team with campaign spokesperson, Dr. Marion Somers

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