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Award Winning Marketing Campaigns

    Newman Long Term Care provides monthly marketing themes designed to make it easier for you to engage your clients in discussions about LTCI. Each month, we will provide marketing tools such as newsletter articles, stuffers, article reprints, prospecting letters and more to help you have these conversations with your clients.

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    86% of men and women say it is important for their financial professional to talk with them about Long Term Care (LTC). Only 9% have had a financial professional talk to them about LTC.

    Source:† America Talks: Protecting Our Familiesí Financial Futures survey.† Conducted by Age Wave and Harris Interactive.† Jan. 2010.


    Every month, we offer a new marketing theme with tools designed to make it easy to have a discussion with your clients about LTC. Request your toolkit today!

    Make the most of your marketing efforts with our
    Monthly Marketing Toolkits:


    Marketing Campaign Tools

    Right now, taxes are on everyone's minds, so what better time to educate your clients on the incredible tax advantages of Long Term Care Insurance? Not only might they be able to deduct some or all of their premiums, but when they need care their benefits will be paid 100% TAX-FREE. We like to say that LTCI is the most tax-advantaged product on the market. Share this message with your clients by using the tools below!

    Contact one of our Wholesalers to request these tools today!

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