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Our robust selection of tools can be a bit overwhelming, so we've broken it out into an easy to digest menu of options. Just as you might in a restaurant, tackle only what you think you can finish. Follow our selection guidelines for the best experience. Only have time for appetizers? No problem. Want a four course meal? We've got you covered.
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Starters (Pick 3)
Quick and easy, these pieces are easy to share and don't take much time to prepare.

December Awareness Poster
    Print off any size on your own color printer, or bring to a professional print shop to have printed up to 24" x 36".

Infographic - Reasons to Talk About Future Care Today 
    Print off and hand out, include in your newsletters or mailings, or include in your social media and email for the month.

NEW! Infographic - 5 Warning Signs Your Older Family Member May Need Help
    Based on an article from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this graphic outlines 5 key warning signs to watch for during holiday visits.

Blog/newsletter article
    Like traditional icebreakers, they are ideal for use in networking events or other social engagements. They also offer easy ways to work bring up LTCI near the end of phone conversation. In addition, they can be used in Social Media such as Facebook or LinkedIn, as these sites offer more character space than Twitter.
Specials (Just in!)
This flyer from LIFE Happens discusses Care vs. Companionship and what LTCI can do for your loved ones. 

UPDATED! Free Guide from the LIFE Foundation: "What you need to know about long-term care insurance" 
    Offer this free PDF with your clients to help them share the basics of LTCI with their loved ones over the holidays.

Entrees (Pick 1)
These pieces are all pretty hearty, and take a bit more work, so don't bite off more than you can chew. Pick just one, and do it well.

Feature Article

16 Pages Newspaper Style Newsletter:
        Let's Talk - Newsletter
    Newspaper style newsletter perfect for use in your lobby or waiting area. Print and mail as a more comprehensive newsletter, or choose select articles to share with your clients.

Let's Talk - Brochure
    Discusses how to have a conversation with your parents about preparing for a long life

Article to Share with Clients:
Sides (match with any other item)
Assorted Consumer Pieces:
Social Media
    Designed for Twitter use with enough room to add a link, email address, etc. Tweet these short blurbs throughout the month. They also work great as a passive marketing taglines you can include in your email signature.

Videos to Share
    LIFE Foundation - Avoid Becoming a Burden to My Family
    Featuring real-life NewmanLTC clients, this video from the non-profit LIFE Foundation feature recent clients explaining one reason they chose to purchase coverage now.

    LIFE Foundation - RealLIFEStories
    Share this great video in which Theresa Mollicone talks about how her husband has received over $400,000 in benefits from his policy and how when his benefits ran out, he was able to tap into more money because of the shared care rider he'd purchased.

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Agent Resources:
    Use for more stats and talking points on the impact of caregiving, or provide to clients who are in denial about the impact that caregiving can take on their families' health, finances or emotional well-being.

    Let's Talk Guide (Producer Guide from Genworth)
    This guide discusses how brokers can use Genworth's "Let's Talk" campaign and marketing tools

    Beyond Dollars - White Paper on the True Impact of Long Term Caring 
    Research findings on the circle of care and the physical, emotional and financial impact on the many people within it

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