Are you ready for Long Term Care Awareness Month?

Every November, we focus renewed energy on getting more people to have a discussion about the need to plan for their future care.

This year, we're trying to keep it simple. Each week, we'll be sharing a quick and easy tool you can use to proactively share the message about long term care planning.

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Thank you,

Craig Roers
Director of Marketing
Newman Long Term Care

1. Offer a free educational guide

Revised for 2018!

Our favorite generic piece for explaining the need to plan ahead for care. This educational guide from LIFE Happens gives consumers a third-party overview of what long term care is, how care might be paid, and the importance of developing a plan for future care today. Email a copy to your prospects.

Available in electronic format only.

2. Request and use our "Difficult Conversations" sticky notes.

This is the easiest passive marketing that you might ever find. Simply write your name and number on these sticky notes and slap them on your appropriate correspondence in November. Click here to request a pack of 50 sticky notes be sent to you.

Quantities are limited.

Check back for more simple awareness tools in the coming weeks!

3. Plug and Play Social Media Tools

Social media campaigns are a great way to participate in and drive conversations with potential clients. Don't miss this opportunity to promote long-term care with existing and potential clients and take your social media to the next level!

Click here for compliance-friendly social media content created by the non-profit LIFE Happens foundation. This social media packet contains tweets/posts and memes.

Check back for more simple awareness tools in the coming weeks!
Disclaimer: By using any of these pieces, you are assuming all responsibility for the content of these pieces. Please use as you wish, and modify as needed to meet your own compliance requirements.
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