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Monthly Marketing Tools

    Newman Long Term Care provides monthly marketing themes designed to make it easier for you to engage your clients in discussions about LTCI. Each month, we will provide marketing tools such as newsletter articles, stuffers, article reprints, prospecting letters and more to help you have these conversations with your clients.

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    86% of men and women say it is important for their financial professional to talk with them about Long Term Care (LTC). Only 9% have had a financial professional talk to them about LTC.

    Source:  America Talks: Protecting Our Families’ Financial Futures survey.  Conducted by Age Wave and Harris Interactive.  Jan. 2010.

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    month's Marketing Tools

    Every month, we offer a new marketing theme with tools designed to make it easy to have a discussion with your clients about LTC. Click below for recent campaigns.

    Marketing Campaign Tools

    Right now, taxes are on everyone's minds, so what better time to educate your clients on the incredible tax advantages of Long Term Care Insurance? Not only might they be able to deduct some or all of their premiums, but when they need care their benefits will be paid 100% TAX-FREE. We like to say that LTCI is the most tax-advantaged product on the market. Share this message with your clients by using the tools below!

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    Marketing Campaign Tools

    Our marketing message in February is "People Buy LTCI Out of Love" and discusses how if you truly love your family, you should look into what having a long term care plan in place can do for them.

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    Marketing Campaign Tools

    Our marketing message in January is to start the year off with a plan. For advisors, we're offering our assistance in helping you create a plan for the New Year to identify and approach more people about LTC Insurance. We’re offering simple tools to help you do this. For consumers, our messages focus on why creating a long term care plan should be one of their resolutions for the New Year.

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    Marketing Campaign Tools

    Our marketing message in December is "Home for the Holidays" and discusses how people can have care discussions with their own family, gives them things to watch out for with elderly family members, and discusses why they need to look at LTCI for themselves...NOW

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    Marketing Campaign Tools

    Are you ready for Long Term Care Awareness Month?

    Every November, we focus renewed energy on getting more people to have a discussion about the need to plan for their future care. This month, we offer an array of tools that we've created, along with some great pieces that have been put out by the carriers.

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    Marketing Campaign Tools

    In October, everyone seems to be talking about politics and government. In the lead-up to elections each year (whether municipal, state or federal), government programs seem to be a hot topic no matter what your political leaning. However, the one thing lacking with consumers is a real understanding of what the state and federal governments are doing to encourage people planning for their own future care. This month, our conversations focus on the government incentives and programs that are designed to encourage LTC planning (State Partnerships, Own Your Future Campaigns, State Tax Incentives, and more.) October is a great time to use these talking points, as they are perfect to refer back to during Long Term Care Awareness month in November.

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    Marketing Campaign Tools

    September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). Capitalize on the awareness around Life planning this month, by having discussions with your clients on how Linked-Benefit LTCI products offer them the best of both worlds - Life and LTC protection - all in one product! To make the most of LIAM, take advantage of these resources:

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    Marketing Campaign Tools

    In August, we discuss some non-traditional ways of funding LTCI premiums. These include HSAs, 1035 Exchanges, Reverse Mortgages and Annuities. We also discuss how families can co-op premiums payments and why a smaller starter policy might be a good option for some. Ideal for clients who looked at LTCI, but weren't sure where they would find the premium dollars.

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    Marketing Campaign Tools

    As we celebrate our nation's birthday this 4th of July, it's important to remind people that they need to plan for how they will maintain their own independence in the likely event that they (or someone they love) will need long term care. We also provide tools that show how care coordination and cash benefits can help people maintain choice in their care. Share that news with them all month long.

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    Marketing Campaign Tools

    Our marketing message in June is on the dollar-for-dollar asset protection available via the LTCI partnership programs (in most states). Clients should learn about what a partnership-qualified plan can mean. Many states now offer lower inflation requirements for partnership eligibility, making this option once again affordable.

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    Marketing Campaign Tools

    In May, we celebrate Mother's Day, and while we are celebrating the women in our lives, there is no better time to planning for their future long term care needs. 70% of all unpaid caregivers are women. In a recent study by MetLife's Mature Market Institute, seven of ten women report being either very or somewhat concerned about providing for their own or their spouse's long-term care needs. Long term care insurance can help provide relief and support services to family caregivers, and when these women can no longer care for their own needs, a long term care plan can help ensure that they receive the level of care that they deserve. Celebrate the women in your life this month, and help them explore their long term care planning options.

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    Marketing Campaign Tools

    Now more than ever, advisors have the opportunity to discuss one of the most critical issues facing the workforce today - long term care. In fact, multi-life LTCI has become one of the fastest growing areas in the industry.

    Your business clients need to learn about the tremendous advantages available to them for offering LTCI benefits. We like to say that LTCI is the most tax-advantaged product on the market. Share this message with your clients by using the tools below!

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