Having choices and protecting retirement assets and family savings from long term care costs is important to everyone, but it is especially significant for women.

Women lead busy lives taking care of children, parents, households, careers, community activities and more. And as they are busy taking care of all these things, they often put off taking care of their own future needs. Consider the following:

Women are more likely to need long term care
  • Women live about 5 years longer than men.
  • Women over the age of 65 are twice as likely to be living alone.
  • Women are ten times more likely to reach age 85 than men
Women are more likely to be caregivers
  • Today, 7 in 10 unpaid caregivers are women. Most of them balance caregiving with jobs and families
  • Women who provide care for an ill or disabled spouse are almost six times as likely to suffer depressive symptoms
  • Women who spend 9 or more hours per week providing care double their risk of coronary heart disease
  • Women don't abandon their caregiving responsibilities because of employment, but they lose an average of $25,484 in Social Security benefits, and some $565,000 in lifetime earnings and $67,000 in pension benefits

"This is not about YOU anymore. This is about someone in your family who will end up taking responsibility for your care because you did not prepare. Contact us today for your complimentary copy of 'A Woman's Guide to Long Term Care Insurance Protection" to take charge of your own future care needs."
Debra C. Newman, CLU, ChFC, LTCP
Founder, Newman Long Term Care

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